The concept of Bed & Breakfast was born in Europe, and today it is known all over the world.
It is an accommodation in a house with less than ten rooms available, which has been prepared for this purpose.
It is characterized by a familiar and homelike atmosphere. It is usual for the owners of the B & B to live in the same property.
The client considers important everything that personalizes the relationship with the property that creates an atmosphere and a special service and not as standardized and cold as in a hotel.
In other words, staying in a Bed and Breakfast (B & B) is much more authentic and fun.
The “B & B” offers the opportunity to stay in contact with the local culture and customs and, therefore, it is a way for a great human and cultural enrichment.
Tourists and travelers who choose this type of accommodation can find warmth, tranquility and familiarity.
We try that the travelers that stay in our B & B enjoy a quiet stay. In the morning we prepare a good breakfast with sausages of Sallent, eggs of our hens, sausage, fruit, orange, coffee, pasta, bread with tomato, jams, cakes, yogourt, a sandwich for the trip
Guests of B & B Sallent have a separate entrance.
The rooms have heating, free WiFi, terrace and garden, bathroom, towels, body wash, shampoo, tooth brush, TV, library, desk, coffee ..
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