This route shows places of great beauty in the municipalities of Súria and Sant Mateu de Bages, from great views to small corners.

The natural environment through which this route runs allows you to see the most representative vegetation and landscape of this area, but especially some of the most important geological and mining elements of the Geopark.

It is an itinerary that follows the anticline of Súria, crosses from one side to the other and crosses it and allows to identify the different types of rocks that emerge -stones, shales, limestones and gypsum-; there are also meanders, active and abandoned, traditionally used as cultivation areas.

The mining castles at the top of the anticline indicate the presence of unseen minerals, halite and potassium salts, the latter discovered here in 1912 and exploited since then.

The characteristic fault of the Migmón, that breaks the anticline of Súria approximately by its axial plane, in addition, and according to the legend, it is the place by where the Earth finished when being united when being created.

Thus, this itinerary will make it easier for us to come into direct contact with the rocks and geological processes that have conditioned the history of the nuclei of Súria and Coaner.

Track “De Súria a Coaner”

Tourist attractions

Coaner medieval monumental complex, Súria anticline, Migmón fault, Súria old town

Parking / how to get there

Carrer Àngel Guimerà, Súria

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