Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac


Introduce yourself to the medieval origins of Talamanca as you walk. Get to know the castle from the outside, the church of Santa Maria, the Molí del Menut, the Ferris wheel, a tile kiln and many more heritage elements surrounded by the landscape of the Sant Llorenç del Munt Natural Park.

This pleasant walk through Talamanca and its surroundings runs along well-marked tracks and is signposted with white and green labels (SL-C 58). With this itinerary we will discover the medieval origin of Talamanca from its cultural and natural heritage. Corners of great beauty that tell us the history of rural Catalonia.

Part of the excursion passes through the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac massif, protected since 1972 by a special plan and declared a natural park in 1987.

It is advisable to bring appropriate footwear, water and groceries, especially during spring and summer, as the excursion takes place in sunny and warm places. We must respect the architectural and cultural heritage we visit, the properties and the environment.

This is an easy route you can take with children.

  1. We start the excursion at the Talamanca Information Point, Carrer del Raval, number 4, leaving to the left. De
    then, on the right, a panoramic view opens that shows the strategic position of the village above the Rossinyol mountain range. The relief is steep with steep and torrential ridges. The Arabic place name “Talamanca”, a coastal slope of the road, is quite accurate. We continue along the same street to the Church Square, where the Old Town Hall is located.
  2. We return to Plaça de l’Església and continue along the street to the right of the Old Town Hall, signposted with a gray landmark, which quickly becomes a track. Following the landmarks, we leave behind the village and the tower of the house and go down 150 m to find the Talamanca stream and the Molí del Menut farmhouse.
  3. We cross the stream near a reservoir that proves the importance of water management, both valuable and scarce. We continue along the track climbing the torrent of the source of the Pets. We leave the track and take a path to cross the torrent over a balma from where we admire the panoramic view of the village above the mountain range. On the left, we find a vineyard hut.
  4. We follow the path that, going down the torrent, falls on the right hand side very close to the stream. Later, we find a new small rural building.
  5. We recover the path to a track that we take to cross the stream and start the climb to the village. Halfway up, we find a landmark that indicates the presence of a masonry kiln and we take, on the left, the ambushed path that leads to it.
  6. We return to the track and, at the fork, we continue on the left. At this point, we can choose between two paths. If we want a flatter and wider route we follow the track. If we want a shorter, steeper and ambushed route, we choose the trail. In any case, we come to a source.
  7. After the fountain, we leave Carrer de la Font and enter the village by a stone staircase that leads to Carrer del Raval, where we will find the Talamanca Information Point.

Tourist attractions

Church of Santa Maria de Talamanca, castle of Talamanca, medieval town, small Mas del Molí, vineyard huts, the baker's ferris wheel, the kiln and the Talamanca fountain.

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