The church of Sant Cugat del Racó

The church of Sant Cugat del Racó is a unique set of Catalan Romanesque, built in the 11th century in the Lombard tradition on a previous pre-Romanesque temple with a square head. Due to its Greek cross plant and its circular dome, it is considered an exceptional example, as this type of dome is unique in Catalonia. It is the best example of Lombard Romanesque architecture in the Bages region.

To its high heritage value must be added its uniqueness and good state of conservation. It is also one of the main medieval enclaves in the municipality of Navàs, also known as Sant Cugat de Salou or Alou, a reputation that owes its former belonging to the monastery of Ripoll as Alou.

The church is located in the center of Sant Cugat, formed by scattered farmhouses, which has maintained its rural image and character. A good starting point for excursions and exploring the area.

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