The Maquis Museum IN Castellnou de Bages , inaugurated in 2000, is a museography and audiovisual to explain the phenomenon of the Maquis in central Catalonia. In the museum there is a historical review of the evolution of the guerrilla struggle in Catalonia during the Civil War and the Franco regime, and addresses, among other topics, its link to the opposition movements to the Franco regime, its involvement in the French resistance, the invasion of the Aran Valley in October 1944 and the struggle during the cold war, when communist and anarchist organizations recognized the unfeasibility of guerrilla action and it remained in the hands of a few libertarian fighters.

It also explains how they acted, where they hid and how the maquis fled from the different routes used both in the territory of central Catalonia and to pass through the Pyrenees to France. Finally, some of the best known fighters are remembered, without forgetting the anonymous maquis who sacrificed their lives for ideals. The audiovisual explains the most relevant events of the historical context from the life of Ramon Vila Capdevila, Caracremada, one of the most famous maquis, who is buried in the cemetery next to the museum.

The entire exterior space of the museum is a space of great interest and the most optimal to spend the day in a very quiet environment close to nature and culture heritage.

Opening hours:
Arranged visits by calling the Town Hall from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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