“I am Sergeant Joseph Selvan voluntary Miquelet Cardona birth ………”
So begins the game Treasures of Cardona.
We want to offer a different way to enjoy Cardona and its history. Cardona is a game Treasures guidance simple and suitable for all ages, developed by our town and take us to visit all the wonderful places that are in Cardona.
Sergeant Selvan the hand and the spy Bourbon Luís Sancho (fictional characters) live an exciting adventure in search of treasures Cardona. With them, we will take the events that took place the siege of Cardona. Through these two characters, the game will transport the months of November and December 1711, which was when Cardona and his villagers, who registered his name in the history of our country.

All public ideal families.
Duration: 2/3 hours.

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