El Bages is made up of an extensive erosion basin bordered by plateaus and high mountains, within the Central Depression. So, crossing the Bages you can both follow the rivers and streams and go more or less flat and not stop going up and down even at not very important heights.

The vegetal landscape is mainly white pine groves, or pine and red pine. Under the pine groves there are scrublands, rosemary bushes and reed pastures. In the agricultural landscape the fields of rainfed cereals and olive trees predominate.

The strategic location of Bages, the curious formations of the Geopark of Central Catalonia and a relevant past in the history of Catalonia have left in Bages a handful of paths and trails in the middle of nature that often converge with real museums in the air free.

We offer you a series of routes through Bages on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback that you can also enjoy with children. Now it’s just a matter of enjoying them!

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Bages paths

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