The Bòbila wetland is a natural area 500 m south of Santpedor, where there used to be a bòbila in which clay was extracted for the manufacture of tiles and bricks. During the 20th century, the land was reduced due to extraction and the reduced area was flooded with water from an aquifer.

Currently, the Aiguamoll is a space of natural interest, where a remarkable diversity of organisms can be found.
Although the water level varies greatly depending on the rainfall, it almost never dries completely. This allows the development of vegetation and fauna typical of humid environments.
The birds are one of the main attractions of the set. During the migration periods, it is common to observe birds that take advantage of the strategic position of the Aiguamoll to go down to rest and rest their strength to follow their path. The role of the Wetland in the preservation of different species of amphibians and reptiles, threatened elsewhere by various circumstances (pollution, invasive species, etc.) is also important.

The space, owned by the municipality, has been consolidated as a reference of natural and educational interest and is equipped with equipment for the observation of wildlife, information panels and a field classroom, enabled in an old transformer. The visit to the Aiguamoll is free.

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