Viladelleva, romanesque chapel

The Virgin of Viladelleva is an isolated Romanesque chapel about 6 km from the town of Callús.

This church, of quite small dimensions, has a plan with a rectangular nave and a trapezoidal apse; this fact has led to consider it on occasion and erroneously as pre-Romanesque. The apse, located in the east, is lower than the nave and opens onto it through a semicircular arch. In the center of the headboard there is a large rectangular window, modernly redone, and a small loophole. The nave is covered with a barrel vault.

This church was located within the old term of the castle of Callús, in Viladelleva, which is documented since 1025 in a sale of land.

A charming space with a lot of magic where arriving on foot or by bicycle is a gift.

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