Would you like to try an off road electric scooter?

Discover the towns of Talamanca, Mura and Rocafort with ours e-scooters!

Get to know the historical heritage and landscapes of the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac Natural Park in a different way.

Walk paths, tracks or trails and taste local products of proximity. Live an e-experience! Be an e-rider.

The guided tours we offer:

Talamanca Route: Walk the streets and old roads of Talamanca with an electric scooter and get to know its main historical monuments such as the Battle of Talamanca.

Mura Route: Discover the beautiful town of Mura driving a scooter. We will know the stone streets and the Puig de la Balma site.

Gastronomic Route: Excursion to the Tinas del Llobregat with a scooter. Taste of local wines and ecologicals products. Lunch is included!

Extrem off road route: Surf on a scooter through the different paths and trails of the Valls del Montcau.

Deep in the forest route: We will explore forests and unique landscapes with the scooters. We will enter the wildest nature and discover streams and unique landscapes of the Valls del Montcau.

Astro expedition route: Get around on a scooter and observe the moon and the main planets with a professional telescope.

Vuelta nocturna Route: We will cross the Talamanca mountains at night with the lights of the scooters.

A la carte routes: Personalized routes for couples, groups or companies.

All routes are done with a guide.

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